Test Bank for Biochemistry A Short Course 3rd Edition by Tymoczko

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Table of ContentsPART I: THE MOLECULAR DESIGN OF LIFE Section 1: Biochemistry Chapter 1: Biochemistry and the Unity of Life Chapter 2: Water, Weak Bonds and the Generation of Order Out of Chaos Section 2: Protein Composition and Structure Chapter 3: Amino Acids Chapter 4: Protein Three-Dimensional Structure Chapter 5: Techniques in Protein Biochemistry Section 3: Basic Concepts and Kinetics of Enzymes Chapter 6: Basic Concepts of Enzyme Action Chapter 7: Kinetics and Regulation Chapter 8: Mechanisms and Inhibitors Chapter 9: Hemoglobin, An Allosteric Protein Section 4: Carbohydrates and Lipids Chapter 10: Carbohydrates Chapter 11: Lipids Section 5: Cell Membranes, Channels, Pumps and Receptors Chapter 12: Membrane Structure and Function Chapter 13: Signal-Transduction Pathways PART II: TRANSDUCING AND STORING ENERGY Section 6: Basic Concepts and Design of Metabolism Chapter 14: Digestion: Turning a Meal into Cellular Biochemicals Chapter 15: Metabolism: Basic Concepts and Design Section 7: Glycolysis and Gluconeogenesis Chapter 16: Glycolysis Chapter 17: Gluconeogenesis Section 8: The Citric Acid Cycle Chapter 18: Preparation for the cycle Chapter 19: Harvesting electrons from the cycle Section 9: Oxidative Phosphorylation Chapter 20: The Electron-Transport Chain Chapter 21: The Proton-Motive Force Section 10: The Light Reactions of Photosynthesis and the Calvin Cycle Chapter 22: The Light Reactions Chapter 23: The Calvin Cycle Section 11: Glycogen Metabolism and the Pentose Phosphate Pathway Chapter 24: Glycogen Degradation Chapter 25: Glycogen Synthesis Chapter 26: The Pentose Phosphate Pathway Section 12: Fatty Acid and Lipid Metabolism Chapter 27: Fatty Acid Degradation Chapter 28: Fatty Acid Synthesis Chapter 29: Lipid Synthesis: Storage Lipids, Phospholipids, and Cholesterol Section 13: The Metabolism of Nitrogen-Containing Molecules Chapter 30: Amino Acid Degradation and the Urea Cycle Chapter 31: Amino Acid Synthesis Chapter 32: Nucleotide Metabolism PART III: SYNTHESIZING THE MOLECULES OF LIFE Section 14: Nucleic Acid Structure and DNA Replication Chapter 33: The Structure of Informational Macromolecules: DNA and RNA Chapter 34: DNA Replication Chapter 35: DNA Repair and Recombination Section 15: RNA Synthesis, Processing and Regulation Chapter 36: RNA Synthesis and Regulation in Bacteria Chapter 37: Gene Expression in Eukaryotes Chapter 38: RNA Processing in Eukaryotes Section 16: Protein Synthesis and Recombinant DNA Techniques Chapter 39: The Genetic Code Chapter 40: The Mechanism of Protein Synthesis Chapter 41: Recombinant DNA Techniques
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