Solution Manual for Corporate Finance 4th Canadian Edition by Berk

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Table of ContentsPart I Introduction Chapter 1 The Corporation Chapter 2 Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis Part II Tools Chapter 3 Arbitrage and Financial Decision Making Chapter 4 The Time Value of Money Chapter 5 Interest Rates Part III Basic Valuation Chapter 6 Valuing Bonds Chapter 7 Valuing Stocks Chapter 8 Investment Decision Rules Chapter 9 Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting Part IV Risk and Return Chapter 10 Capital Markets and the Pricing of Risk Chapter 11 Optimal Portfolio Choice and the Capital Asset Pricing Model Chapter 12 Estimating the Cost of Capital Chapter 13 Investor Behaviour and Capital Market Efficiency Part V Options Chapter 14 Financial Options Chapter 15 Option Valuation Chapter 16 Real Options Part VI Capital Structure and Dividend Policy Chapter 17 Capital Structure in a Perfect Market Chapter 18 Debt and Taxes Chapter 19 Financial Distress, Managerial Incentives, and Information Chapter 20 Payout Policy Part VII Valuation Chapter 21 Capital Budgeting and Valuation with Leverage Chapter 22 Valuation and Financial Modeling: A Case Study Part VIII Long-Term Financing Chapter 23 The Mechanics of Raising Equity Capital Chapter 24 Debt Financing Chapter 25 Leasing Part IX Short-Term Financing Chapter 26 Working Capital Management Chapter 27 Short-Term Financial Planning Part X Special Topics Chapter 28 Mergers and Acquisitions Chapter 29 Corporate Governance Chapter 30 Risk Management Chapter 31 International Corporate Finance
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